• Drew Hunter

    Drew found success early in his own running career thanks to the tutelage of his parents, Joan and Marc Hunter. The Hunters have built Drew’s alma mater, Loudoun Valley High School, into one of the most dominant prep programs in the nation. Drew’s coaches have been some of the most influential people in Drew’s life, always pushing him to become a better runner and person. Inspired by his mentors, Drew is eager to work with young athletes looking for guidance, care, and motivation in an effort to reach their biggest goals.

  • Reed Fischer

    One of the most up-and-coming road runners in the States, Reed’s running journey could have been much shorter and less fruitful if it hadn’t been for encouragement, mentorship, and patience his coaches at Hopkins High School and Drake University showed him. Now having tackled the longer distances, he hopes to bring those same traits into his relationships with the road racers he is coaching. After working a full-time job while training at a professional level, Reed understands the need to find balance between running and life, and is ready to work with athletes who lead busy lives. Reed is most excited about working with a marathoner gunning for their first (or fiftieth) BQ.

  • Connor Winter

    Connor has been competing at the highest levels of the sport for over a decade. His experience as a high school standout, NCAA All-American, and USATF Championship finalist makes him a coach who knows how to achieve greatness. A product of one of the nation’s most revered collegiate coaches, Mark Wetmore, Connor’s career at the University of Colorado taught him to be disciplined, self-reliant, but team-focused. He expects the same out of the athletes he coaches, and is ready to be the steady motivator that gets people out the door and on track to reach their goals. Connor is looking to work with all athletes who are prepared to commit to running.

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About ShoeSense

ShoeSense was started by Connor Winter while he was an athlete at the University of Colorado Boulder. While at CU the team won 2 National Championships and he received All-American Honors multiple years. After the conclusion of his last year at CU he was unable to compete due to an overuse injury requiring surgery.

While recovering from injury Connor combined his love for running with his mechanical engineering degree to create ShoeSense. His goal with ShoeSense was to utilize wearable sensors to better quantify the load felt by runners during running which caused injury. Out of the work done in the CU biomechanics lab the "Excessive Training Load" metric was born.  This metric helps to quantify the load on the body from every run and promptly alert runners when the load is too high and could cause injury.

Connor currently trains with Tinman Elite as a professional runner. The team has all the best coaching, strength, PT and recovery tools at their disposal. Connor wants to make these resources available through ShoeSense. He is able to provide dedicated runners and coaches with customized training plans built by professional athletes and coaches. A portion of the plans that you buy go to support the athletes that built them so they can continue to chase their running dreams a little longer.